Cyclist Aerodynamics Testing


A specialised rig has been developed which enables cyclists to quickly and simply mount their own bikes in the tunnel and optimise their performance.

The cyclist rig is located at the start of the BLWT this is where the turbulence and boundary layer effects are smallest.

The rig allows the aerodynamic drag to be measured for any given setup. The rider's cadence and drag are determined by the rig and the force balance beneath. An electrically powered ram can change the rig angle during a run. This allows a number of wind angles to be tested.

All data is displayed on a head-up display which allows the rider to monitor his/her performance during the run. Forces are typically logged over periods of 30s and then the setup is changed. Two cameras automatically record the rider's position and imaging software can be used to determine the difference in body position resulting from changes in setup.

Public Testing Days


Public testing days are coming soon!
The wind tunnel is located at the University of Auckland's Newmarket campus.

For half or full day sessions contact us for the day of your choice.

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